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With its excellent acoustics and club atmosphere the resonanzraum has become home to a new urban audience for classical music and evolved into a space for new formats and ideas. In 2017, the room was complemented with its own label: resonanzraum records.The label presents productions closely tied to the resonanzraum and transporting its unique atmosphere to audiences everywhere. 


The first production was released in 2017 and presented Ensemble Resonanz' own version of Bach's famous »weihnachtsoratorium« in an urban chamber version conceptualized, performed and recorded at the resonanzraum. »Tenebre«, the second production from 2019, compiled works for string ensemble by the american composer Bryce Dessner and earned the Ensemble Resonanz an Opus Klassik in 2020.


In October of 2020 the third production was released: »mercy seat - winterreise«. This séance between the music of Franz Schubert and Nick Cave was developed in collaboration with Ensemble Resonanz' longtime artistic partner Charly Hübner and enhanced by a jazz trio formed by Kalle Kalima, Carlos Bica and Max Andrzejewski. 


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