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The resonanzraum is a unique venue for concerts, private events, parties and much more.


Movable stage elements, rotating iron walls and a room dividing curtain allow for flexible and perfect conditions for almost any kind of event. A backstage area with comfortable chairs is available as well as a generous central space for dancing and many other activities and a barrier-free access. The resonanzraum can hold up to 250 people.

Gerhard Kühne
Jann Wilken
Gerhard Kühne
Jann Wilken
Gerhard Kühne
Gerhard Kühne
Jann Wilken
Gerhard Kühne
Johnny Johnson
Dominik Friess

Furniture, general layout and amenities

Flexible seating for up to 250 people

Two niches with comfortable chairs and sofas

6 bar tables

Grand piano Steinway B-series

Stage: 7 by 4 meters (14 BüTec-elements of 1 by 2 meters)

Fully equipped bar with service personel


Service lift for heavy equipment with direct access to the venue

Barrier free access


Beamer for presentations



Audio equipment on site

Speaker system: Pro Audio MT12 (x2), SW12 (x2)

Monitoring: Seeburg A6 (x2)

Mixing console: Yamaha MGP16X

Amping: Crown XTi 4002, Hoellstern Delta8.4-DSP, Yamaha MTX3

Mikrophones: 2x Shure SM58 Sprach-Mikrofone, 4x Beyerdynamic MCE5 Clip-Mikrofone

DJ-Set-Up: 1x Pioneer DJM-900NXS DJ-Mixer, 2x Pioneer CDJ-900NXS CD-Player,

2x Pioneer PLX-1000 DJ-Turntable


Light equipment on site

Lighting console: ETC SmartFade

Dimmer: LSC

Stage lighting: ETC Source Four mini LED, Arri 300 Plus

Wallwasher: Lumipar18QPro, Compact Par 7 MKII