urban string »sk8night«

Fri 13.05.2016, 21:00h

resonanzraum St. Pauli

Justin Lee Mark Caulley (Viola), DJ Elephant Power (Electronics), Ensemble Resonanz

EUR 15/10 online

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Ensemble violist Justin Caulley explores the city - and Mozart - by skateboard, as recommended by Jennifer Walshe: »Learn to skateboard, however primitively. Focus minutely on surface. See, smell, hear, feel, how your body relates to the board and through it to space.« Body, street and music become one. After an excursion into spectral music with Gérard Grisey, we roll on into the architecture of Mozart's string quintet in c major and end with the scratched vinyl of DJ Elephant Power.


Doors: 20 Uhr, Concert: 21 Uhr