The resonanzraum is a unique venue for concerts, private parties, receptions and much more.


The moveable stage, revolving iron door elements and a curtain which divides the room into two provide the optimum setting for events of all kinds. There is a comfortable seating area complete with armchairs, as well as a generous event space which alternatively can be used as a dance floor. The resonanzraum holds up to 250 people and is wheelchair-accessible. 



Flexible seating for up to 250 people

Niches containing armchairs and sofas

6 bistro tables

Steinway B grand piano

Stage: 7x4m (14x 1x2m BüTec elements)


Stage sound

Loudspeaker system: Pro Audio MT12 (x2), SW12 (x2)

Monitoring: Seeburg A6 (x2)

Mixing desk: Yamaha MGP16X

Amping: Crown XTi 4002, Hoellstern Delta8.4-DSP, Yamaha MTX3

Microphones: 2x Shure SM58 speech microphones, 4x Beyerdynamic MCE5 clip microphones

DJ set up: 1x Pioneer DJM-900NXS DJ mixer, 2x Pioneer CDJ-900NXS CD players,

2x Pioneer PLX-1000 DJ turntables


Stage lighting

Lighting control panel: ETC SmartFade

Dimmer: LSC

Stage lights: ETC Source Four mini LED, Arri 300 Plus

Wall washers: Lumipar18QPro, Compact Par 7 MKII


Fully equipped bar plus service team


Goods lift

Passenger lift (wheelchair accessible)



W-LAN (not yet available)



contact us!

Marten Lange

Event management


resonanzraum UG

Bunker St. Pauli, 1. OG

Feldstraße 66
20359 Hamburg


Phone +49 40 357 041 767

Fax +49 40 357 041 789