bunkersalon: ancestree

Wed 15.11.2017, 19:30h

resonanzraum St. Pauli

Niko Paech (Volkswirt), Michael Maierhof (Komponist), Jeffrey Arlo Brown (Moderation)

EUR 5 online oder an der Abendkasse

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Is growth necessary? The writer Niko Paech doesn’t think so. He is a radical theorist of “post-growth economics,” and believes that people, rather than trying to make growth sustainable and green, should simple consume less and free themselves from superfluous possessions. He advocates for, and lives himself, a life of responsible consumption—response being the key word, in that he seeks answers to the questions of the consumer’s life.


What can this kind of life look like, and how can it be applied to the world of classical music? What does a post-consumerist world sound like? These are questions the composer Michael Maierhof explores in his work. He makes poetry from the noise and detritus of economic growth. Why? “I’m occupied by our acoustic reality, because it annoys me and attracts me,” he says.



With Prof. Dr. Niko Paech (post-growth economist)

und Michael Maierhof (composer)


Moderation: Jeffrey Arlo Brown