Wed 07.12.2016, 21:00h

resonanzraum St. Pauli

Lumisokea, live electronics

Tickets EUR 12

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ePhil: lumisokea


An abandoned bunker, seedy industrial areas, water dripping from a rusty pipe somewhere, a power line buzzing menacingly: the ambient compositions of Lumisokea allow haunting, gloomy images to form in one’s mind.

Veranstalter: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg



Bleeps, clonks and drones - contemporary electronic music goes above and beyond the familiar listening experience of acoustic music. This year’s ePhil season presents exciting artists from the ambient and experimental electronica fields. Performed in the stimulating atmosphere of the resonanzraum in St. Pauli, these concerts offer a chance to discover the sacral and/or industrial sound worlds created by four exceptional musicians.

The series starts with the upcoming young Canadian composer Kara-Lis Coverdale and her contemplative, elegiac soundscapes. Inspired by the industrial aesthetic of Russian electroacoustic music, the analogue ambient compositions created by the Lumisokea duo is a shade darker. Australian-born John Chantler focuses on the new Elbphilharmonie organ in his performance, alienating its sounds to create towering resonance waves. Last but not least, witness world-famous pop star Lloyd Cole exploring exciting new electronic territory.


Due to other events there won't be many parking spaces available and we suggest to take the bus/train.


Foto: Sash Stamatovski