ephil: »sinn + form«

Thu 10.12.2015, 21:00h

resonanzraum St. Pauli

Frank Bretschneider live electronics, Pierce Warnecke live visuals

EUR 12

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ePhil: Frank Bretschneider • Pierce Warnecke • »Sinn + Form«

Concert Promoters: Elbphilharmonie Konzerte






Where can the future of music be found? During the fifties it was at home in the studios for electronic music in Paris and Cologne, where Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen experimented with audiotape recordings. A few decades later it moved into the communes and apartments of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, and then on to the dodgy warehouses in Chicago and Detroit. And these days? Today it is at home all over the world. And one of its favourite places is Hamburg: at the series »ePhil«. Frank Bretschneider and Pierce Warnecke kick off the new season of »ePhil« taking randomly generated visual and acoustic patterns and giving them sense and form. Klara Lewis from Sweden performs from her widely acclaimed debut album »ett«, transforming field recordings into atmospheric sound panoramas; the Briton Luke Abbott layers sounds to create brilliant, hypnotic chords in a perfect minimalistic form. And finally Sasu Ripatti alias Vladislav Delay is once again at »ePhil«, performing his new album »Visa« - a triumphant return to ambient.