huddersfield contemporary music festival

Jörg Modrow

Fr 25.11.2016, 19:30 Uhr

St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield

Elliott Sharp (E-Gitarre), Gareth Davis (Klarinette), Ensemble Resonanz

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Alexander Schubert (*1979) 



Elliott Sharp (*1951) 

Oceanus Procellarum
für 12 Streicher, E-Gitarre und Bassklarinette


»The core parts for Ensemble Resonanz will be through-composed but augmented with sections using various algorithmic approaches for the players. It will never be improvised but either based on generational processes or graphic notation.« - Elliott Sharp


»The string ensemble turns into a performaning machine. The main focus is on the movement of scanning – the man-machine relation. At the same time the mechanizing emphasizes the accuracy of the interpreter and the elegance of the traditional movement.« - Alexander Schubert